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Име на играта Изглед Година
1214 [неизлязлa]1во лице  -
Absention [неизлязлa]1во лице  -
Adam Syndrome [неизлязлa]3то лице  -
AGON: The Tale of the Four Dragons [неизлязлa]1во лице  -
Anglophile Adventure [неизлязлa]3то лице  -
Apeiron Project, The [неизлязлa]1во лице  -
Audere Semper [неизлязлa]3то лице  -
Ballads of Reemus 2, The [неизлязлa]3то лице  -
Beautiful Desolation [неизлязлa]1во лице  -
Brassheart [неизлязлa]3то лице  -
Bureau [неизлязлa]3то лице  -
Case of Charles Dexter Ward, The [неизлязлa]3то лице  -
Charlotte’s Dream [неизлязлa]3то лице  -
Clown's Secret [неизлязлa]3то лице  -
Columbus 4 [неизлязлa]3то лице  -
Coral Cave, The [неизлязлa]3то лице  -
Crazy Bloody Robots [неизлязлa]3то лице  -
Dark Fall: Storm Warning [неизлязлa]1во лице  -
David Slade Mysteries: Memories of the Past [неизлязлa]3то лице  -
Delaware St. John Vol.4: Asylum of the Lost [неизлязлa]1во лице  -
Devastated Dreams [неизлязлa]3то лице  -
Devil's Men, The [неизлязлa]3то лице  -
Distorted [неизлязлa]1во лице  -
Dome City [неизлязлa]1во лице  -
Eldritch Cases: Dagon, The [неизлязлa]3то лице  -
Elementary, My Dear Holmes! [неизлязлa]3то лице  -
Ethan 2068 [неизлязлa]3то лице  -
Face Noir II [неизлязлa]3то лице  -
Forge [неизлязлa]3то лице  -
Forgive Me [неизлязлa]1во лице  -
Ghost Watch [неизлязлa]1во лице  -
Gray Matter 2 [неизлязлa]3то лице  -
HCA - The Snow Queen and the Magic Mirror [неизлязлa]3то лице  -
Hidden Dawn [неизлязлa]3то лице  -
Human Gallery, The [неизлязлa]3то лице  -
Humanity's Silence [неизлязлa]3то лице  -
Imagination is the Only Escape [неизлязлa]3то лице  -
In the End of November [неизлязлa]3то лице  -
Indago [неизлязлa]1во лице  -
Indiana Jones and the Fountain Of Youth [неизлязлa]3то лице  -
Ithaka of the Clouds [неизлязлa]1во лице  -
Jason The Greek [неизлязлa]3то лице  -
Journey of Iesir, The [неизлязлa]3то лице  -
K'nossos [неизлязлa]3то лице  -
K4PTURE [неизлязлa]3то лице  -
Kaptain Brawe 2: A Space Travesty [неизлязлa]3то лице  -
Kinky Island [неизлязлa]3то лице  -
Last Crown: Haunting of Hallowed Isle, The [неизлязлa]3то лице  -
Latency [неизлязлa]3то лице  -
Limbus [неизлязлa]3то лице  -
Lioness [неизлязлa]3то лице  -
Mega Bad Code [неизлязлa]3то лице  -
Monolith [неизлязлa]3то лице  -
Mystery of Oak Island, The [неизлязлa]1/3 лице  -
Mystery of the Wicked Village, The [неизлязлa]3то лице  -
Nearly Departed [неизлязлa]3то лице  -
Night at Camp Ravenwood, A [неизлязлa]3то лице  -
NoseBound [неизлязлa]3то лице  -
Not Quite Black and White [неизлязлa]3то лице  -
Nuevo Nuevo Mundo [неизлязлa]3то лице  -
Oberon [неизлязлa]3то лице  -
Out of Time [неизлязлa]1во лице  -
Panchito Chepas [неизлязлa]3то лице  -
Papetura [неизлязлa]3то лице  -
Please Knock on My Door [неизлязлa]3то лице  -
Poison Green, A [неизлязлa]3то лице  -
Poltergus [неизлязлa]3то лице  -
Project 37 [неизлязлa]1во лице  -
Quest for Infamy: Roehm to Ruin [неизлязлa]3то лице  -
Realm, The [неизлязлa]3то лице  -
Red Queen of Oz: The Two Fates, The [неизлязлa]3то лице  -
Rick Future [неизлязлa]3то лице  -
Rose: Time apart [неизлязлa]1во лице  -
Scintilla [неизлязлa]3то лице  -
Sebastian Frank: The Beer Hall Putsch [неизлязлa]3то лице  -
Secret of the Mayan Island, The [неизлязлa]1во лице  -
Shades of Sanity [неизлязлa]1во лице  -
Shades of Violet: Episode 1 - Song of the Clockwork Princess [неизлязлa]3то лице  -
Simon the Sorcerer: Between Worlds [неизлязлa]3то лице  -
Tainted Fate [неизлязлa]1во лице  -
To Azimuth [неизлязлa]3то лице  -
U55: End of the Line [неизлязлa]1во лице  -
Unspeakable Adventure [неизлязлa]  -
Vague [неизлязлa]3то лице  4.0
Voodoo [неизлязлa]3то лице  -
Weavers, The [неизлязлa]3то лице  -
White Heaven [неизлязлa]1во лице  -
Wild Wild Pixel, The [неизлязлa]3то лице  -
Wychwood Hollow [неизлязлa]1во лице  -
King's Quest I: Quest For The Crown3то лице1984 5.4
Deja Vu: A Nightmare Comes True1во лице1985  2.8
King's Quest II: Romancing the Throne3то лице1985 6.2
Star Trek: The Kobayashi Alternative1во лице1985  4.8
King's Quest III: To Heir Is Human3то лице1986  4.2
Legend of Zelda, The3то лице1986 6.8
Space Quest I: The Sarien Encounter3то лице1986  3.8
Star Trek: The Promethean Prophecy1во лице1986  2.0
Uninvited1во лице1986  3.8
Maniac Mansion3то лице1987 5.7
Mortville Manor1во лице1987  4.0
Police Quest: In Pursuit of the Death Angel3то лице1987  4.0
Shadowgate1во лице1987  3.3
Zelda II: The Adventure of Link3то лице1987  7.0
Deja Vu II: Lost in Las Vegas1во лице1988  3.9
Gold Rush!3то лице1988 3.5
King's Quest IV: The Perils of Rosella3то лице1988  5.3
Police Quest II: The Vengeance3то лице1988  4.4
Snatcher1во лице1988  5.1
Star Trek: First Contact1во лице1988  1.3
Zak McKracken and the Alien Mindbenders3то лице1988  5.5
Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade: The Graphic Adventure3то лице1989 4.1
Tex Murphy: Mean Streets3то лице1989 5.2
Countdown3то лице1990  4.5
King's Quest V: Absence Makes the Heart Go Yonder!3то лице1990  3.0
Loom3то лице1990 5.9
Maupiti Island1во лице1990  3.5
Rise of the Dragon1во лице1990  5.2
Secret of Monkey Island, The3то лице1990 6.1
Adventures of Willy Beamish, The3то лице1991  3.5
Another World3то лице1991  4.4
Gobliiins 13то лице1991 4.4
Heart of China1во лице1991  3.2
Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis3то лице1991 6.3
Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge3то лице1991 6.5
Police Quest III: The Kindred3то лице1991  4.5
Spy Snatcher1991  3.4
Tex Murphy: Martian Memorandum3то лице1991  3.9
Alone in the Dark 3то лице1992 7.8
Amazon: Guardians of Eden3то лице1992  4.7
Dark Seed3то лице1992  6.1
Gobliins 2: The Prince Buffoon3то лице1992 5.0
King's Quest VI: Heir Today, Gone Tomorrow3то лице1992  3.6
Legend of Kyrandia: Fables & Fiends3то лице1992  7.1
Lost Files of Sherlock Holmes: The Case of the Serrated Scalpel3то лице1992 4.3
Lure of the Temptress3то лице1992  5.4
Quest for Glory III: Wages of War3то лице19925.8
Rex Nebular and the Cosmic Gender Bender3то лице1992  3.8
7th Guest, The1во лице1993 6.0
Alone in the Dark 23то лице1993  6.3
Beyond Shadowgate3то лице1993  3.8
Call of Cthulhu: Shadow of the Comet3то лице1993  6.3
Dracula Unleashed1/3 лице1993  3.1
Gabriel Knight 1: Sins of the Fathers3то лице1993 7.4
Goblins 3: Quest 3то лице1993 5.1
Labyrinth of Time, The1во лице1993  4.6
Legend of Kyrandia: Hand of Fate3то лице1993 6.6
Maniac Mansion: Day of the Tentacle3то лице1993 5.1
Mansion of Hidden Souls1во лице1993  4.2
Myst1во лице1993  8.5
Police Quest: Open Season (Daryl F. Gates’)3то лице1993  3.9
Quantum Gate1во лице1993  6.2
Sam & Max: Hit the Road3то лице1993  6.7
Simon the Sorcerer3то лице1993 5.2
Are You Afraid of the Dark? The Tale of Orpheo's Curse1во лице1994  3.4
Beneath A Steel Sky3то лице1994 6.5
Death Gate3то лице1994  5.9
Dragon Lore: The Legend Begins1во лице1994  3.8
Dragonsphere3то лице1994  5.9
Gadget: Past as Future1во лице1994  3.2
Igor: Objective Uikokahonia3то лице1994  4.5
King's Quest VII: The Princeless Bride3то лице1994  4.1
Legend of Kyrandia: Malcolms Revenge3то лице1994  6.7
Noctropolis3то лице1994  5.0
Quantum Gate II: The Vortex1во лице1994  6.0
11th Hour, The1во лице1995 7.0
Aliens: A Comic Book Adventure1во лице1995  3.9
Alone in the Dark 33то лице1995  6.4
Avarice: The Final Saga1во лице1995  4.0
Beavis and Butt-head in Virtual Stupidity3то лице1995  5.3
Call of Cthulhu: Prisoner of Ice3то лице1995  6.0
Chronomaster3то лице1995  3.1
Clock Tower3то лице1995  4.5
D1во лице1995  6.9
Daedalus Encounter, The1во лице1995  3.7
Dark Seed 23то лице1995  6.3
Dig, The3то лице1995 5.8
Discworld3то лице1995  5.8
Dust: A Tale of the Wired West1во лице1995  3.3
Flight of the Amazon Queen3то лице1995  5.5
Frankenstein: Through the Eyes of the Monster1во лице1995  3.0
Full Throttle3то лице1995 6.4
I Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream3то лице1995  6.4
Isis1во лице1995  2.9
Mission Critical1во лице1995  2.8
Panic in the Park1во лице1995  4.2
Phantasmagoria3то лице1995  6.4
Shannara1во лице1995 2.9
Shivers1во лице1995  7.0
Simon the Sorcerer II: The Lion, the Wizard and the Wardrobe3то лице1995 5.6
Star Trek: The Next Generation - A Final Unity3то лице1995  5.7
Torin's Passage3то лице1995  3.7
3 Skulls Of The Toltecs1во лице1996  3.9
9: The Last Resort1во лице1996  3.4
Amber: Journeys Beyond1во лице1996  4.8
Bad Mojo 3то лице1996 7.1
Broken Sword 1: The Shadow of the Templars3то лице1996 7.4
Clandestiny1/3 лице1996  3.7
Congo The Movie: Descent Into Zinj1во лице1996 4.6
Discworld II: Missing Presumed...!?3то лице1996  6.3
Dragon Lore II: The Heart of the Dragon Man1во лице1996  2.6
Drowned God - Conspiracy of the Ages1во лице1996  4.7
Gabriel Knight 2: Beast Within 3то лице1996  7.4
Goosebumps: Escape From Horrorland 1во лице1996  4.3
Harvester3то лице1996  6.6
Lighthouse: The Dark Being1во лице1996  6.5
Lost Files of Sherlock Holmes: The Case of the Rose Tattoo3то лице1996  3.8
Neverhood, The1/3 лице1996  7.5
Normality1во лице1996  6.4
Obsidian1во лице1996 3.8
OverBlood1/3 лице1996  6.9
Phantasmagoria: A Puzzle of Flesh3то лице1996  6.7
Pink Panther: Passport to Peril, The3то лице1996  3.0
Pyst1во лице1996  6.4
Rama1во лице1996 3.3
Resident Evil 1 (Chris mode)3то лице1996 8.0
Resident Evil 1 (Jill mode)3то лице1996 7.2
Ripper1во лице1996  4.6
Santa Fe Mysteries: Elk Moon Murder 1во лице1996  3.9
Secret Mission3то лице1996  2.5
SPQR: The Empire's Darkest Hour1во лице1996  3.6
Spycraft: The Great Game1во лице1996  3.6
Star Trek: Borg1во лице1996  1.0
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine - Harbinger1во лице1996  5.5
TimeLapse1во лице1996 4.1
Titanic: Adventure Out of Time1во лице1996  3.2
Tomb Raider3то лице1996 6.9
Toonstruck3то лице1996  4.5
Uncle Henry's Playhouse1во лице1996  4.7
Urban Runner1во лице1996  5.5
Zork Nemesis: The Forbidden Lands1во лице1996 5.4
Ark of Time3то лице1997  3.1
Atlantis I: The Lost Tales1во лице1997 7.4
Beyond Time1во лице1997  4.5
Blade Runner3то лице1997 6.8
Broken Sword 2: The Smoking Mirror3то лице1997 7.0
Byzantine: The Betrayal1во лице1997  4.1
City of Lost Children, The3то лице1997  4.0
Enemy Zero1во лице1997  6.6
Feeble Files, The3то лице1997  4.4
GAG: The Impotent Mystery1во лице1997  2.6
Hollywood Monsters3то лице1997  3.5
Last Express, The1во лице1997  4.4
Myst II Riven1во лице1997 8.1
Pink Panther: Hokus Pokus, The3то лице1997  3.0
Safecracker1во лице1997  3.8
Santa Fe Mysteries: Sacred Ground 1во лице1997  4.0
Shivers II: Harvest of Souls1во лице1997  5.7
Space Bar, The1во лице1997  3.0
Temujin1во лице1997 1.2
Tony Tough and the Night of the Roasted Moths3то лице1997  2.4
Treasure Hunter1во лице1997  4.5
Versailles 16851во лице1997  3.1
Zork: Grand Inquisitor1во лице1997  4.9
Black Dahlia1во лице1998  6.8
China: The Forbidden City1во лице1998  4.7
Curse of Monkey Island, The3то лице19987.0
Cydonia - Mars: The First Manned Mission1во лице1998  4.8
Dark Side of the Moon1во лице1998 2.9
Grim Fandango3то лице1998 7.3
Hopkins FBI3то лице1998  3.3
John Saul's Blackstone Chronicles: An Adventure in Terror1во лице1998  4.8
Metal Gear Solid1/3 лице1998 6.9
Morpheus1во лице1998  7.4
Nancy Drew 1: Secrets Can Kill 1во лице1998 6.5
Nightlong: Union City Conspiracy3то лице1998  4.2
Of Light and Darkness: The Prophecy1во лице1998  3.4
Pilgrim: Faith as a Weapon1во лице1998 4.9
Reah: Face the Unknown1во лице1998  5.9
Redjack: Revenge of the Brethren1/3 лице1998  2.7
Sanitarium3то лице1998  7.9
Starship Titanic1во лице1998  5.6
Tex Murphy: Overseer1во лице1998  2.6
Tomb Raider III: Adventures of Lara Croft3то лице1998  6.9
WorldSpiral: Liath3то лице1998  4.7
X-Files1во лице1998  7.6
Zero Zone1во лице1998  4.0
Amerzone: The Explorers Legacy1во лице1999 6.0
Atlantis II1во лице19997.2
Aztec: The Curse in the Heart of the City of Gold1во лице1999  5.1
Clue Chronicles: Fatal Illusion1во лице1999  3.5
Countdown Vampires3то лице1999  6.2
Discworld Noir3то лице1999  6.8
Echo Night1во лице1999 6.0
Echo Night 2: The Lord of Nightmares1во лице1999 4.4
Forgotten: It Begins, The1во лице1999  4.2
Galerians3то лице1999  5.6
Inherent Evil: The Haunted Hotel1во лице1999  4.0
Longest Journey, The3то лице1999  8.0
Nancy Drew 2: Stay Tuned for Danger1во лице1999 5.7
Omikron: The Nomad Soul3то лице1999  7.6
Pandora's Box1во лице1999 5.4
Physicus: Save the World1во лице1999  5.5
Quivering, The 1во лице1999  5.9
Resident Evil 2 (Claire)3то лице1999 7.4
Resident Evil 2 (Leon)3то лице1999 7.5
Ring: The Legend of the Nibelungen1во лице1999  3.0
Shadowgate 64: Trials of the Four Towers1во лице1999  4.7
Silent Hill3то лице1999 7.8
Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation3то лице1999  5.8
Traitors Gate1во лице1999  3.7
Wild Wild West: The Steel Assassin 3то лице1999  2.7
Agharta: The Hollow Earth3то лице2000  4.1
American McGee's Alice3то лице20007.0
Blair Witch Volume 1: Rustin Parr 3то лице2000 5.8
Blair Witch Volume 2: The Legend of Coffin Rock3то лице20005.6
Blair Witch Volume 3: The Elly Kedward Tale3то лице2000 6.1
Carrier3то лице2000  3.8
Crystal Key, The1во лице2000  4.3
Dino Crisis3то лице2000 6.2
Dracula: Resurrection1во лице2000  6.9
Egypt I: 1156 B.C. - Tomb of the Pharaoh1во лице2000  3.5
Egypt II: The Heliopolis Prophecy1во лице2000  4.6
Escape From Monkey Island3то лице2000 6.4
Evil Dead: Hail To The King3то лице2000  6.2
Faust: The Seven Games of the Soul1во лице2000  6.4
Gabriel Knight 3: Blood of the Sacred, Blood of the Damned3то лице2000 7.0
Hitman: Codename 473то лице2000  5.9
In Cold Blood3то лице2000  4.5
Legend of Lotus Spring, The1во лице2000  4.9
Legend of the Prophet and the Assassin, The1во лице2000 3.3
Martian Gothic3то лице2000  6.0
Messenger, The | Louvre: The Final Curse1во лице2000  4.8
Monet: The Mystery of the Orangery1во лице2000  3.7
Nancy Drew 3: Message in a Haunted Mansion1во лице2000 5.2
Paris 1313: The Mystery of Notre Dame1во лице2000  5.3
realMyst1во лице2000 6.1
Resident Evil 3: Nemesis3то лице2000 7.4
Resident Evil Code: Veronica3то лице2000 6.7
Resident Evil: Survivor3то лице2000 6.4
Riddle of the Sphinx: An Egyptian Adventure1во лице2000  4.4
Ring: Terror's Realm, The3то лице2000  5.4
Rome: Caesar's Will3то лице2000  4.2
Tomb Raider: Chronicles3то лице2000  8.7
Alcatraz: Prison Escape1во лице2001  6.5
Alone in the Dark 4: The New Nightmare 3то лице2001 6.9
Atlantis III: The New World1/3 лице20016.6
Bioscopia1во лице2001  5.0
Cameron Files 1: Secret at Loch Ness, The1во лице2001 5.1
Dracula 2: The Last Sanctuary1во лице2001 7.3
Fairy Tale About Father Frost, Ivan and Nastya3то лице2001  4.5
Fatal Frame 3то лице2001 6.5
Gilbert Goodmate & the Mushroom of Phungoria3то лице2001  6.2
Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone 3то лице2001 7.3
Hitchcock: The Final Cut3то лице2001  5.2
Ico3то лице2001  3.1
Jack Orlando: A Cinematic Adventure (Director's Cut)3то лице2001  3.9
Jazz and Faust3то лице2001 5.3
Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty1/3 лице2001 6.5
Myst III Exile1во лице2001  8.0
Mystery of the Druids3то лице2001  4.6
Nancy Drew 4: Treasure in the Royal Tower1во лице2001 6.6
Nancy Drew 5: The Final Scene1во лице2001 5.1
Necronomicon: Dawning of Darkness1во лице2001  4.8
Road to India: Between Hell and Nirvana1во лице2001  5.4
Schizm 1: Mysterious Journey1во лице2001 6.8
Secrets of Alamut, The1во лице2001  2.5
Shadow of Memories/Destiny3то лице2001 6.6
Spider-Man 2: Enter Electro2001 4.5
Sting!, The3то лице2001  5.3
Stupid Invaders3то лице2001 7.0
Versailles II: Testament of the King1во лице2001  3.8
Ward, The3то лице2001  2.8
Watchmaker, The1/3 лице2001  5.3
1893: A World's Fair Mystery1во лице2002  6.0
Cameron Files 2: Pharoahs Curse, The1во лице2002 5.1
Chemicus: Journey to the Other Side1во лице2002 4.6
Dark Fall 1: The Journal1во лице2002  6.4
Eternal Darkness: Sanitys Requiem3то лице2002 5.2
Eye of the Kraken3то лице2002  4.6
Gast: The Greatest Little Ghost3то лице2002  4.8
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets 3то лице2002 8.1
Jerusalem: The 3 Roads to the Holy Land1во лице2002  2.7
Law and Order: Dead on the Money1во лице2002  3.2
Mожеше и да е по-зле1во лице2002 6.1
Nancy Drew 6: Secret of the Scarlet Hand1во лице2002 5.4
Nancy Drew 7: Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake1во лице2002 4.7
Resident Evil2002 6.0
Resident Evil Zero3то лице2002 6.6
Ring II: Twilight of the Gods3то лице2002  2.8
Secrets of the Nautilus, The1во лице2002  5.0
Silent Hill 23то лице2002 7.8
Syberia3то лице20028.7
ZanZarah: The Hidden Portal3то лице2002  8.0
Zelenhgorm: Land of the Blue Moon1во лице2002  5.2
AGON: The Mysterious Codex1во лице2003  7.2
Beyond Good and Evil3то лице2003  7.4
Black Mirror 1, The3то лице2003 8.2
BloodRayne3то лице20038.0
Breakdown, The3то лице2003  4.1
Broken Sword 3: The Sleeping Dragon3то лице2003 6.2
CSI: Crime Scene Investigation1во лице2003  7.7
Curse of Atlantis: Thorgal's Quest 3то лице2003  7.1
Curse: The Eye of Isis3то лице2003  6.1
Derek1во лице2003  3.6
Fatal Frame 2: Crimson Butterfly1/3 лице2003  6.8
Forbidden Siren1/3 лице2003  6.7
Fred & Jeff: Balls and kicks3то лице2003  5.6
Full Pipe3то лице2003  4.6
Glass Rose3то лице2003  3.8
Hobbit, The3то лице2003  5.1
In Memoriam1во лице2003  6.3
Informaticus1во лице2003  4.2
Inquisition3то лице2003  4.6
Journey to the Center of the Earth3то лице2003  6.2
Law and Order: Double or Nothing1во лице2003  3.5
Myst Uru: Ages Beyond Myst1/3 лице2003  7.7
Nancy Drew 8: The Haunted Carousel1во лице2003 5.0
Nancy Drew 9: Danger on Deception Island1во лице2003 4.9
Neighbours From Hell3то лице2003 8.0
Omega Stone: Sequel to the Riddle of the Sphinx 21во лице2003  4.9
Out of Order3то лице2003  4.1
Post Mortem1во лице20036.8
Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time3то лице2003  8.1
Prince of Persia: Warrior Within 3то лице2003 8.0
Resident Evil: Outbreak3то лице2003 5.1
RHEM1во лице2003  4.8
Runaway 1: A Road Adventure 3то лице2003  6.6
Salammbo: Battle for Carthage1во лице2003  5.5
Samorost3то лице2003  6.5
Schizm 2: Mysterious Journey - Chameleon1во лице2003  6.8
Sherlock Holmes: The Mystery Of The Mummy1во лице2003 6.7
Silent Hill 33то лице20037.4
Sydney Mystery, The1во лице2003  7.0
Traitors Gate 2: Cypher3то лице2003  4.3
Alida1во лице2004  6.3
Arrangement, The1во лице2004  5.1
Atlantis Evolution1во лице2004  5.5
Aura 1: Fate Of The Ages1во лице2004 7.8
Beauty or the Beast, The3то лице2004  6.9
BloodRayne 23то лице2004 6.6
Carol Reed Mystery: Remedy, A1во лице2004  4.2
Cold Case Files1во лице2004  4.3
Crystal Key 2 - The Far Realm, The1во лице2004  4.8
CSI: Dark Motives1во лице2004  4.7
CSI: Miami1во лице2004  7.8
Dark Fall 2: Lights Out1во лице2004  5.3
Echo Night: Beyond1во лице2004  3.8
Egypt III: The Fate of Ramses1во лице2004  5.2
Fenimore Fillmore: The Westerner 3то лице2004  4.5
Forever Worlds1во лице2004  3.7
Fred & Jeff: A Movie Adventure3то лице2004  4.6
Gooka: The Mystery of Janatris 3то лице2004  7.5
Harry Potter and the Prisoner Of Azkaban3то лице2004 7.5
Jack the Ripper1во лице2004  4.5
Kuon3то лице2004  4.9
Law and Order: Justice is Served1во лице2004  4.7
Lifestream1во лице2004  3.7
Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater1/3 лице2004  6.1
Midnight Nowhere3то лице2004 5.5
Myst IV: Revelation1во лице2004  8.6
Myst Uru: The Path of the Shell 1/3 лице2004  6.8
Myst Uru: To D'ni1/3 лице2004  6.4
Nancy Drew 10: The Secret of Shadow Ranch1во лице2004 4.8
Nancy Drew 11: Curse of Blackmoor Manor1во лице2004 5.8
Neighbours from Hell 2: On Vacation3то лице2004 8.1
Nick Bounty: Case of Crabs3то лице2004  4.6
Quiet Weekend in Capri, A1во лице2004  5.1
Return To Mysterious Island1во лице20046.6
Sentinel: Descendants of Time1во лице2004 6.8
Shade: Wrath of Angels3то лице2004  7.5
Sherlock Holmes: The Case of the Silver Earring3то лице2004 6.6
Silent Hill 4: The Room3то лице2004 7.0
Suffering, The3то лице2004 5.0
Syberia 23то лице20048.6
X-Files: Resist Or Serve, The3то лице2004 5.4
80 Days Around The World3то лице2005  7.3
Agatha Christie: And Then There Were None 3то лице20057.7
AK3то лице2005  5.6
Another Code3то лице2005 4.6
Bone 1: Out from Boneville3то лице2005  5.2
Carol Reed Mystery: Hope Springs Eternal, A 1во лице2005  4.3
Cold Fear3то лице2005 6.5
Delaware St. John Vol.1: The Curse of Midnight Manor1во лице2005  3.7
Delaware St. John Vol.2: The Town with No Name1во лице2005  4.7
ECHO: The Secret Of The Lost Cavern1во лице2005 6.6
Emily Enough: Imprisoned3то лице2005  3.7
Fahrenheit (Indigo Prophecy)3то лице2005  7.2
Fatal Frame 3: The Tormented3то лице2005  6.7
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire3то лице2005 6.6
Haunting Ground3то лице2005  5.5
James Peris is the Agent 00.53то лице2005  3.8
Last Half of Darkness: Shadows of the Servants1во лице2005  5.3
Law and Order: Criminal Intent3то лице2005  3.3
Martin Mystere: Operation Dorian Gray 3то лице2005  4.4
META3то лице2005  3.7
Moment of Silence, The3то лице2005  6.0
Myst V: End Of Ages1во лице2005  7.1
Nancy Drew 12: The Secret of the Old Clock1во лице2005 4.3
Nancy Drew 13: Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon1во лице2005 4.8
NiBiRu: Age of Secrets 3то лице2005 7.5
Nick Bounty: Goat in the Grey Fedora3то лице2005  5.2
Obscure3то лице2005 5.7
Prince of Persia 3: The Two Thrones3то лице2005 8.0
Resident Evil: Outbreak 23то лице2005  5.5
RHEM 2 - The Cave1во лице2005  5.5
Samorost 23то лице2005  5.0
Shadow of the Colossus3то лице2005  6.1
Shady Brook1во лице2005  1.0
Still Life3то лице20058.0
Suffering: Ties That Bind, The3то лице2005 6.3
Voyage: Inspired by Jules Verne1во лице2005 6.8
White Chamber, The3то лице2005  5.5
Agatha Christie: Murder on the Orient Express3то лице20067.8
Al Emmo and the Lost Dutchman's Mine3то лице2006  5.0
Ankh3то лице20066.9
Ankh 2: Heart of Osiris3то лице2006  4.6
Barrow Hill: Curse of the Ancient Circle1во лице2006  6.2
Blackwell Legacy, The3то лице2006 4.9
Bone 2: The Great Cow Race3то лице2006  4.8
Broken Sword 4: The Angel of Death3то лице2006 5.9
Call of Cthulhu - Dark Corners of the Earth1во лице2006 7.5
Carol Reed Mystery: Time Stand Still, A 1во лице2006  5.9
Carte Blanche: For a fistful of teeth1во лице2006  6.1
Cosmos Quest I: To Find a Sun3то лице2006 6.1
Cosmos Quest II: To Find a Sun3то лице2006 5.8
CSI: 3 Dimensions of Murder 1во лице2006  6.0
Da Vinci Code, The3то лице2006  5.3
Daemonica3то лице2006  5.6
Evidence: The Last Ritual1во лице2006  5.5
Five Lethal Demons3то лице2006  4.8
Forbidden Siren 21/3 лице2006  5.8
Heartland Deluxe1во лице2006  4.5
Infinite Monkeys3то лице2006  3.7
Just Cause3то лице2006  5.5
Keepsake3то лице2006 7.3
Longest Journey 2: Dreamfall, The3то лице2006  7.2
Mystery Case Files: Ravenhearst1во лице2006  6.3
Nancy Drew 14: Danger by Design1во лице2006 5.1
Nancy Drew 15: The Creature of Kapu Cave1во лице2006 5.7
Neighbours from Hell 3 - In Office3то лице2006 6.5
Paradise3то лице2006  7.4
Pathologic1во лице2006 7.0
Rule Of Rose3то лице2006  7.0
Safecracker: The Ultimate Puzzle Adventure1во лице2006 6.5
Sam & Max - Season 1 Episode 1: Culture Shock3то лице2006 5.8
Sam & Max - Season 1 Episode 2: Situation: Comedy3то лице2006  5.4
Scratches1во лице2006 7.0
Secret Files 1: Tunguska3то лице20067.5
Secrets of Atlantis: The Sacred Legacy, The1во лице2006 6.2
Secrets of Da Vinci: The Forbidden Manuscript, The1во лице2006 6.9
Shivah, The3то лице2006  1.8
Tomb Raider: Legend3то лице2006  7.6
Tony Tough 2: A Rake's Progress3то лице2006  4.5
Warthogs3то лице2006  3.4
Agatha Christie: Evil Under the Sun3то лице20076.8
Anacapri: The Dream1во лице2007  5.1
Assassins Creed3то лице2007 7.4
Aura 2: The Sacred Rings1во лице2007  7.8
Aurora: The Secret Within1во лице2007  5.5
Azada1во лице2007  6.0
Blackwell Unbound, The3то лице2007  5.5
Carol Reed Mystery: East Side Story, A 1во лице2007  4.9
Christmasville1во лице2007 3.9
Cleopatra: A Queen's Destiny1во лице2007 6.0
CSI: Hard Evidence1во лице2007  5.3
Culpa Innata3то лице2007  5.1
Darkness Within: In Pursuit of Loath Nolder1во лице2007 5.8
Dead Reefs 3то лице2007  5.6
Delaware St. John Vol.3: The Seacliff Tragedy1во лице2007  4.6
Destination: Treasure Island1во лице20077.1
Dream Chronicles1во лице2007 7.2
Evil Days of Luckless John3то лице2007  3.9
Folklore3то лице2007  4.4
Ghost in the Sheet1во лице2007  5.1
Global Conflicts: Palestine3то лице2007  2.8
Harry Potter and the Order Of The Phoenix3то лице2007  6.8
Hotel Dusk: Room 2153то лице2007  4.6
Inhabited Island: The Earthling1во лице2007  4.8
Lair3то лице2007 4.0
Last Half of Darkness: Beyond The Spirits Eye1во лице2007  4.1
Lost Islands, The3то лице2007  4.8
Myst Online: Uru Live1/3 лице2007  7.3
Nancy Drew 16: The White Wolf of Icicle Creek1во лице2007 5.7
Nancy Drew 17: Legend of the Crystal Skull1во лице2007 5.4
Neighbours from Hell 43то лице2007 7.0
Nelly Cootalot: Spoonbeaks Ahoy!3то лице2007  3.3
Next Life (Reprobates)3то лице2007  7.2
Nightshift Code, The1во лице2007 5.6
Ninja Gaiden Sigma3то лице2007 6.2
Nostradamus: The Last Prophecy 1во лице2007 7.4
Penumbra: Overture1во лице2007 6.7
Resident Evil 43то лице2007 7.1
RHEM 3 - The Secret Library1во лице2007  5.8
Root of All Evil3то лице2007  3.4
Runaway 2: The Dream of the Turtle3то лице2007  6.2
Sam & Max - Season 1 Episode 3: The Mole, the Mob, and the Meatball3то лице2007  5.8
Sam & Max - Season 1 Episode 4: Abe Lincoln Must Die!3то лице2007  5.5
Sam & Max - Season 1 Episode 5: Reality 2.03то лице2007  4.2
Sam & Max - Season 1 Episode 6: Bright Side of the Moon3то лице2007  4.6
Sam & Max - Season 2 Episode 1: Ice Station Santa3то лице2007  5.7
Sherlock Holmes: The Awakened1во лице2007 5.1
Silent Hill: 0rigins3то лице2007 5.1
So Blonde3то лице2007  6.4
Sterling's Gift1во лице2007  5.7
Tale of Two Kingdoms, A3то лице2007  5.1
Tell3то лице2007  5.2
Tomb Raider: Anniversary3то лице2007 8.2
Transformers: The Game1во лице2007 5.0
Uncharted: Drakes Fortune3то лице20076.0
Undercover: Operation Wintersun3то лице2007  5.1
Void, The1во лице2007  7.5
What makes you tick?3то лице2007  6.5
Zack & Wiki: Quest for Barbaros' Treasure3то лице2007  4.8
1112: Episode 011во лице2008  5.1
Adventures of the Little Red Riding Cap, The3то лице2008  8.1
AGON: The Lost Sword Of Toledo1во лице2008  6.6
Alabama Smith Escape from Pompeii1во лице2008 7.2
Alone in the Dark 51/3 лице2008  7.1
Ancient Secrets: Quest For The Golden Key1во лице2008  7.3
Art of Murder I: FBI Confidential3то лице20087.8
Bad, the Ugly and the Sober, The3то лице2008  5.5
Belief & Betrayal3то лице2008  5.5
Ben There, Dan That!3то лице2008 6.6
Broken Sword 2.5: The Return of the Templars3то лице20086.3
Carol Reed Mystery: The Colour of Murder, A 1во лице2008  4.1
Casebook: Episode 0 The Missing Urn1во лице2008 5.5
Casebook: Episode I - Kidnapped1во лице2008  4.7
Cate West - The Vanishing Files1во лице2008  4.5
Chronicles of Mystery 1: The Scorpio Ritual3то лице20087.1
CSI: New York1во лице2008  5.5
Diamonds in the Rough3то лице2008  5.2
Dracula 3: The Path of the Dragon1во лице2008 6.7
Dracula: Origin1во лице2008 6.6
Dream Chronicles 2 The Eternal Maze1во лице2008 6.9
Dream Sleuth1во лице2008 6.1
Edna & Harvey: The Breakout3то лице2008  5.3
Everlight of Magic & Power3то лице2008  5.1
Experiment, The3то лице2008 6.0
Features of "Mafia"3то лице2008  4.7
Fenimore Fillmore's Revenge3то лице2008  4.7
Frankenstein - The Dismembered Bride1во лице2008  5.2
Goin Downtown3то лице2008  5.2
Graveyard, The3то лице2008  5.5
Hardy Boys: The Hidden Theft, The3то лице2008  5.4
HCA: The Ugly Prince Duckling3то лице2008 6.0
Hidden World of Art 2: Undercover Art Agent1во лице2008  4.1
Insecticide3то лице2008  4.0
Jack Keane3то лице20085.8
James Patterson Women's Murder Club: Death in Scarlet1во лице2008  4.7
Last King of Africa3то лице2008  4.8
Laura Jones and the Gates of Good and Evil1во лице2008 6.3
Limbo of the Lost3то лице2008  4.7
Lost Crown, The1/3 лице20087.3
LOST: Via Domus3то лице2008  6.3
Magic Encyclopedia 1: First Story1во лице2008 7.8
Mayabin1во лице2008  4.8
Memento Mori3то лице2008 6.5
Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots1/3 лице2008  6.0
Mortimer Beckett and the Secrets of Spooky Manor1во лице20086.7
Mortimer Beckett and the Time Paradox1во лице20086.7
Murder in the Abbey3то лице2008 6.3
Mystery Case Files: Return to Ravenhearst1во лице2008  6.6
Nancy Drew 18: The Phantom of Venice1во лице2008 5.9
Nancy Drew 19: The Haunting of Castle Malloy1во лице2008 5.6
Nancy Drew Dossier: Lights, Camera, Curses!1во лице2008 5.2
Nikopol: Secrets of the Immortals1во лице2008  4.7
Obscure II3то лице2008 6.3
Outcry1во лице2008  7.0
Overclocked3то лице2008  7.3
Paranormal Agency1во лице2008 4.8
Penny Arcade Adventures: On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness3то лице2008  3.9
Penumbra: Black Plague 1во лице2008  6.3
Penumbra: Requiem 1во лице2008  6.3
Perry Rhodan: The Myth Of Illochim3то лице2008  7.0
Prince of Persia 3то лице2008 5.7
Professor Layton and the Curious Village3то лице2008  4.3
Professor Layton and the Last Time Travel3то лице2008  4.2
Quest for Yrolg3то лице2008  4.2
Rhiannon: Curse of the Four Branches1во лице2008  6.3
Righteous Kill1во лице2008  4.0
Sam & Max - Season 2 Episode 2: Moai Better Blues3то лице2008  5.3
Sam & Max - Season 2 Episode 3: Night of the Raving Dead3то лице2008  5.1
Sam & Max - Season 2 Episode 4: Chariots of the Dogs3то лице2008  5.0
Sam & Max - Season 2 Episode 5: What's New, Beelzebub?3то лице2008  5.9
Second Face, A3то лице2008  3.2
Secret Files 2: Puritas Cordis3то лице2008 7.6
Several Journeys of Reemus, The3то лице2008  2.8
Sherlock Holmes Vs Arsene Lupin 1во лице2008 6.6
Sherlock Holmes: The Mystery of the Persian Carpet1во лице2008  6.3
Silent Hill 5: Homecoming3то лице2008 6.4
Simon the Sorcerer 4: Chaos Happens3то лице2008  5.0
Sinking Island3то лице2008 7.7
SIREN: Blood Curse3то лице2008 7.3
Spiderwick Chronicles, The3то лице2008  5.7
Strong Bad's: Episode 1 - Homestar Ruiner3то лице2008  5.1
Strong Bad's: Episode 2 - Strong Badia the Free3то лице2008  4.4
Strong Bad's: Episode 3 - Baddest of the Bands3то лице2008  4.8
Strong Bad's: Episode 4 - Dangeresque 33то лице2008  4.2
Tale of Despereaux, The 3то лице2008  4.6
Tales of Bingwood: To Save a Princess3то лице2008  5.0
Tomb Raider: Underworld 3то лице20087.6
Treasure Island3то лице2008 6.5
Treasures of Mystery Island, The1во лице20086.3
Undercover: Dual Motives3то лице2008  4.5
Unsolved Crimes1во лице2008  4.3
Veronica Rivers: Portals to the Unknown1во лице2008 6.2
15 Days3то лице2009  6.1
3 Cards to Midnight1во лице2009  4.8
3 Days Zoo Mystery1во лице2009 7.5
999: Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors3то лице2009  6.1
Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth3то лице2009 6.1
Adam's Venture 1: The Search for the Lost Garden3то лице2009  7.7
Again3то лице2009  4.8
Agatha Christie: The ABC Murders3то лице2009  6.1
Alabama Smith in the Quest of Fate1во лице2009 7.6
Alchemia3то лице2009  6.0
Anka3то лице2009 6.2
Ankh 3: Battle of the Gods3то лице2009 7.0
Art of Murder II: Hunt for the Puppeteer 3то лице20097.5
Autumns Treasures: The Jade Coin1во лице2009 6.6
Axel & Pixel3то лице2009 5.8
Black Mirror 2, The3то лице2009 8.6
Blackwell Convergence, The3то лице2009  4.5
Blue Toad Murder Files: The Mysteries of Little Riddle3то лице2009 5.4
Book of Unwritten Tales, The3то лице20097.3
Born Into Darkness1во лице2009 6.3
Braid3то лице2009 5.5
Carol Reed Mystery: Black Circle, A 1во лице2009  6.5
Casebook: Episode II - The Watcher1во лице2009  4.6
Casebook: Episode III - Snake in the Grass1во лице2009  3.3
Ceville3то лице2009 5.9
Chronicles of Mystery 2: The Tree of Life3то лице20097.1
Coraline3то лице2009  4.5
Cosmos Quest III: The Mines of Isagor3то лице2009 6.2
Crime Scene (Criminology)1во лице2009  5.1
CSI: Deadly Intent1во лице2009 6.7
Dark Fall 3: Lost Souls1во лице2009  5.9
Dark Tales: Edgar Allan Poe - Murders in the Rue Morgue1во лице2009 7.2
Dead Mountaineer`s Hotel3то лице2009 6.7
Dexter3то лице2009  4.8
Diabolik: The Original Sin3то лице2009  4.4
Diamon Jones: Amulet of the World3то лице2009  5.4
Diamon Jones: Eye of the Dragon3то лице2009  4.4
Downfall1во лице2009  5.2
Drawn: The Painted Tower1во лице2009 6.6
Dream Chronicles 3 The Chosen Child 1во лице2009 7.8
DWK 5 - Die Wilden Kerle 5: Hinter dem Horizont3то лице2009  4.4
Emerald City Confidential3то лице20096.2
Enter The Story: Divine Comedy, The1/3 лице2009  5.2
Enter The Story: Les Miserables1/3 лице2009  4.2
Fall Trilogy - Chapter 1: Separation, The1во лице2009 5.8
Fatale: Exploring Salome1во лице2009 3.8
Filmmaker, The1во лице2009  5.9
Galileo Mystery: Die Krone des Midas3то лице2009  4.3
Gobliiins 43то лице2009  5.6
Green Moon1во лице2009  6.1
Grey's Anatomy3то лице2009  5.0
Hardy Boys: Treasure on the Tracks, The1во лице2009  5.0
Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince3то лице2009  6.4
Heaven1во лице2009  3.9
Heavy Rain3то лице2009  6.4
Herods Lost Tomb1во лице2009 4.7
Hidden Magic1во лице2009 7.3
Holly: A Christmas Tale Deluxe1во лице2009 6.4
inFamous3то лице2009 3.8
Inkheart3то лице2009  4.3
James Cameron's Avatar: The Game3то лице2009  5.6
James Patterson Women's Murder Club 2: A Darker Shade of Grey1во лице2009  5.2
James Patterson Women's Murder Club 3: Twice In A Blue Moon1во лице2009  4.6
Kellie Stanford - Turn of Fate1во лице2009 7.7
Last Half of Darkness: Tomb of Zojir1во лице2009  4.7
Laura Jones and the Secret Legacy of Nikola Tesla1во лице2009 6.7
Legend Of Crystal Valley, The3то лице2009 6.4
Leisure Suit Larry: Box Office Bust 3то лице2009  4.3
Lost Realms Legacy of the Sun Princess1во лице2009 6.0
Lucidity3то лице2009  4.3
Machinarium3то лице2009  7.9
Magic Academy 21во лице20097.4
Magic Encyclopedia 2: Moon Light1во лице2009 7.4
Marionette, The 1во лице2009  4.9
Mata Hari3то лице2009 7.0
Metropolis Crimes1во лице2009  2.9
Morningstar: Descent to Deadrock1во лице2009  5.5
Moxxie's Tabloid Adventures1во лице2009 6.4
Mozart - The Last Secret3то лице2009  5.3
Mystery Of The Mary Celeste, The1во лице2009  5.3
Nancy Drew 20: Ransom of the Seven Ships1во лице2009 5.6
Nancy Drew 21: Warnings at Waverly Academy1во лице2009 5.8
Natalie Brooks - Mystery at Hillcrest High1во лице2009 7.0
Neighbours from Hell 113то лице2009 7.8
Night Watcher3то лице2009  5.4
Ninja Gaiden Sigma 23то лице2009 5.6
Path, The3то лице2009 5.5
Pizza Morgana: 1 - Monsters and Manipulations in the Magical Forest3то лице2009  5.2
Professor Layton and the Devil's Flute3то лице2009  5.4
Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box3то лице2009  3.8
Prototype3то лице2009 5.6
PuppetShow: Mystery of Joyville1во лице20097.5
Resident Evil 5 3то лице20096.2
Return to Mysterious Island 2: Minas Fate1во лице2009  7.1
Romance of Rome1во лице2009 6.9
Rosemary3то лице2009  6.6
Samantha Swift and the Golden Touch1во лице2009 6.5
Saw3то лице2009 5.8
Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition, The3то лице2009 6.9
Shadow in the Cathedral, The1во лице2009  4.0
Sherlock Holmes versus Jack the Ripper1/3 лице20096.9
Silent Hill: Shattered Memories3то лице2009 6.0
Sprill and Ritchie - Adventures In Time1во лице2009  6.6
Static: Investigator Training3то лице2009  5.1
Steve The Sheriff 2: The Case of the Missing Thing1во лице2009 6.6
Still Life 23то лице20097.9
Stroke of Fate, A3то лице2009  5.5
Sunrise1во лице2009  4.4
Tale of a Hero3то лице2009  5.8
Tales of Monkey Island 1: Launch of the Screaming Narwhal3то лице2009  6.0
Tales of Monkey Island 2: Siege Of Spinner Cay3то лице2009  6.0
Tales of Monkey Island 3: Lair of the Leviathan3то лице2009  6.0
Tales of Monkey Island 4: The Trial and Execution of Guybrush Threepwood3то лице2009  5.9
Tales of Monkey Island 5: Rise of the Pirate God3то лице2009 6.7
Teatro (Theatre)1во лице2009  4.9
Time Gentlemen, Please!3то лице2009  6.2
Uncharted 2: Among Thieves3то лице2009 5.8
Vampire Saga: Pandora's Box1во лице2009 7.2
Vampyre Story, A3то лице2009  6.9
Venetica 3то лице2009  6.6
Wallace & Gromit 1: Fright of the Bumblebees3то лице2009  6.5
Wallace & Gromit 2: The Last Resort3то лице2009  6.5
Wallace & Gromit 3: Muzzled!3то лице2009  5.7
Wallace & Gromit 4: The Bogey Man3то лице2009  6.5
Whispered World, The3то лице2009  7.4
Yoomurjak's Ring1во лице2009  6.1
1953: KGB Unleashed1во лице2010  7.1
3 Cards to Dead Time1во лице2010  6.7
Alan Wake3то лице20106.1
Alter Ego3то лице20106.5
Alternativa3то лице20104.6
Amnesia: The Dark Descent1во лице20107.2
Art of Murder III: Cards of Destiny3то лице20107.7
Assassins Creed II3то лице20106.7
Assassins Creed: Brotherhood3то лице20106.6
Aurora1во лице2010  5.0
Awakening: Moonfell Wood1во лице2010  6.2
Awakening: The Dreamless Castle1во лице2010 5.5
Back to the Future - Episode 1: Its About Time3то лице2010 6.5
Black Sails3то лице2010  5.5
Broken Sword: Shadow of the Templars - The Directors Cut3то лице2010  6.3
Calling (Dreams to Nightmares)3то лице2010 5.3
Castlevania: Lords of Shadow3то лице20106.5
Christmas Wonderland1во лице2010  4.4
CSI: Fatal Conspiracy1во лице2010 5.9
Cursed Mountain3то лице2010  5.8
Dark Parables 1: Curse of Briar Rose1во лице2010 7.0
Dark Tales: Edgar Allan Poe - The Black Cat1во лице2010 4.0
Dark Visions1во лице2010  5.5
Darkness Within 2: The Dark Lineage1во лице2010  7.5
Darkstar1/3 лице2010  7.0
Decay1во лице2010  2.7
Diamon Jones: Devils Contract3то лице2010  3.9
Doctor Who 1: City of the Daleks3то лице2010  3.6
Doctor Who 2: Blood of the Cybermen3то лице2010  5.3
Doctor Who 3: TARDIS 3то лице2010 4.7
Doctor Who: The Adventure Games3то лице2010  7.0
Doors Of The Mind1во лице2010 6.5
Drawn: Dark Flight1во лице2010 6.4
Dream Chronicles 4 The Book of Air1во лице2010 8.3
Dream Machine, The3то лице2010  3.4
Driller Incident, The3то лице2010  4.6
Empress of the Deep: The Darkest Secret1во лице2010 6.9
Enter The Story: A Tale of Two Cities3то лице2010  4.0
Enter The Story: Count of Monte Cristo, The1/3 лице2010  3.9
Enter The Story: Genesis of the Gods1/3 лице2010  6.0
Escape from Lost Island1во лице2010 6.4
Fall Trilogy - Chapter 2: Reconstruction, The1во лице2010 6.2
FBI: Paranormal Case1во лице2010  3.7
G1Deon: Toward Gods1/3 лице2010  4.2
Ghost Pirates of Vooju Island3то лице2010 6.1
Golden Trails - The New Western Rush1во лице2010  6.0
Hamlet3то лице2010  4.4
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 13то лице2010  6.4
Haunted Halls 1: Green Hills Sanitarium1во лице2010 6.6
Hector: Badge of Carnage3то лице2010  4.9
Hotel3то лице2010  5.5
HOUSE M.D.3то лице2010  5.1
Jekyll & Hyde3то лице2010  4.6
Jolly Rover3то лице2010  6.1
Journey Down, The 3то лице2010  4.9
Just Cause 23то лице2010  5.2
Kaptain Brawe: A Brawe New World3то лице2010  4.1
Knights in Shining Armor: Our King’s Tale - Episode One3то лице2010  3.0
Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light3то лице2010  5.8
Last Window: The Secret of Cape West3то лице2010  4.8
Limbo3то лице2010  6.8
Lost Horizon3то лице20106.9
Love Chronicles: The Spell1во лице20107.4
Mafia 21/3 лице2010 8.1
Magic Encyclopedia 3: Illusions1во лице20107.1
Mirror Mysteries, The1во лице20105.3
Mortimer Beckett and the Lost King1во лице20108.2
Mystery Cruise1во лице2010 6.3
Mystery Trackers - The Void1во лице20106.4
Mystic Diary - Lost Brother1во лице20106.0
Nancy Drew 22: Trail of the Twister1во лице2010  4.6
Nancy Drew 23: Shadow at the Water's Edge1во лице2010  4.7
Nelson Tethers: Puzzle Agent3то лице2010  6.5
New Beginning, A3то лице2010  5.5
Next BIG Thing, The3то лице2010  5.9
Pathfinders: Lost at Sea1во лице2010 5.5
Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands3то лице2010  6.4
Prison Break: The Conspiracy3то лице2010  6.9
Professor Layton and the Mask of Miracles3то лице2010  4.1
Professor Layton and the Unwound Future3то лице2010  5.4
PuppetShow 2: Souls of the Innocent1во лице20107.8
Puzzle Bots3то лице2010  5.1
Quantumnauts: Chapter 1 - Speed of Light, Space Pirates and Multiverses3то лице2010  4.6
RHEM 4 - The Golden Fragments1во лице2010  5.4
Rhianna Ford and the Letter from Da Vinci1во лице2010 6.3
Royal Trouble1во лице20105.6
Runaway 3: A Twist of Fate3то лице2010  5.0
Sam & Max - Season 3 Episode1: The Penal Zone3то лице2010  5.1
Saw II: Flesh & Blood3то лице2010  4.0
Sherlock Holmes and the Mystery of Osborne House3то лице2010  4.8
Silver Lining, The3то лице2010  5.2
Simon the Sorcerer 5: Who'd Even Want Contact3то лице2010 5.4
Slip Space: The Burma-Shave Analogy1во лице2010  5.5
Snakes of Avalon3то лице2010  6.4
Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions3то лице2010 6.1
Symon3то лице2010  5.2
Trauma1во лице2010  4.6
Tulula: Legend of a Volcano1во лице2010 6.4
Vampireville3то лице2010 7.2
Adam's Venture 2: Solomon Secret3то лице2011  5.0
Adventures of Tintin: The Game3то лице2011  5.4
Age of Enigma: The Secret of the Sixth Ghost1во лице2011  4.4
Alice: Madness Returns3то лице2011 6.4
Alimardan's Mischiefs3то лице2011  4.2
Allora and the Broken Portal1во лице2011 7.6
Alone in the Park1во лице2011  2.5
Alpha Polaris3то лице2011 6.3
AR-K3то лице2011  4.0
Artifact, The1во лице2011  3.3
Assassins Creed: Revelations3то лице2011 5.8
Aurora 21во лице2011  5.2
Back to the Future - Episode 2: Get Tannen!3то лице20116.4
Back to the Future - Episode 3: Citizen Brown3то лице2011 4.4
Baron Wittard: Nemesis of Ragnarok1во лице2011  4.6
Black Mirror 3, The3то лице20118.3
Blackwell Deception, The3то лице2011  5.2
Blood Ties1во лице2011  4.4
Book of Unwritten Tales: The Critter Chronicles, The 3то лице2011 6.1
Brink of Consciousness: Dorian Gray Syndrome1во лице2011 5.0
Carol Reed Mystery: Blue Madonna, A 1во лице2011  4.7
City of Secrets3то лице2011  4.7
Dark Parables 2: The Exiled Prince1во лице20116.3
Dark Tales: Edgar Allan Poe - The Premature Burial1во лице2011 3.4
Dexter: The Game3то лице2011  5.0
Doctor Lautrec and the Forgotten Knights1во лице2011  4.2
Dracula: Love Kills1во лице2011  3.4
Drawn: Trail of Shadows1во лице2011 4.6
Dream Chronicles 5 The Book of Water1во лице2011 7.6
dream:scape1во лице2011  5.3
Elementary My Dear Majesty!1во лице2011 6.3
Empress of the Deep 2: Song of the Blue Whale1во лице2011  6.3
Eternal Night: Realm of Souls1во лице2011  5.3
Fall Trilogy - Chapter 3: Revelation, The1во лице2011 5.7
Fall: Mutant City, The3то лице2011  4.8
Gemini Rue3то лице2011  5.6
Girl with a Heart of3то лице2011  4.4
Gray Matter3то лице2011 7.8
Grim Tales: The Bride1во лице20116.9
Harvey's new eyes3то лице2011  6.0
Haunted3то лице2011  4.8
Haunted Halls 2: Fears from Childhood1во лице2011 5.7
Hood Episode 11во лице2011  4.3
Hood Episode 21во лице2011  4.5
InFamous 23то лице2011  3.9
James Noir's Hollywood Crimes1во лице2011  2.8
Julia: Innocent Eyes3то лице2011  4.0
Jurassic Park3то лице2011  5.4
LA Noire3то лице2011  6.2
Last Half of Darkness: Society of the Serpent Moon3то лице2011  5.0
Lume3то лице2011  5.2
Maestro: Music of Death1во лице20115.8
Man vs. Wild3то лице2011  3.9
May’s Mysteries: The Secret of Dragonville1во лице2011  4.2
Metal Dead3то лице2011  3.0
Mortimer Beckett and the Crimson Thief1во лице20117.3
Mountain Crime: Requital1во лице20115.4
Mystery Legends: Beauty and the Beast1во лице20115.7
Mystery of the Ancients: Lockwood Manor1во лице20115.4
Mystery Trackers 2: Raincliff1во лице20116.3
Naked Gun: International Crime Unit Police, The3то лице2011  3.6
Nancy Drew 24: The Captive Curse1во лице2011  5.7
Nancy Drew 25: Alibi in Ashes1во лице2011  5.4
NCIS: The Game1/3 лице2011  5.3
Nick Toldy: Legend of Dragon Peninsula3то лице2011  5.6
Odissea - An Almost True Story3то лице2011  5.1
Process1во лице2011  4.2
PuppetShow: Lost Town1во лице20117.1
Puzzle Agent 23то лице2011  4.1
Quasar3то лице2011  2.7
Relics: Dark Hours1во лице2011  4.3
Rizzoli & Isles. The Masterpiece Murders1во лице2011 4.5
Rockin' Dead, The 3то лице2011  5.3
Secrets of the Past: Mothers Diary1во лице2011 5.6
Shadow Wolf Mysteries: Curse of the Full Moon1во лице2011 1.0
Snowshine3то лице2011  2.3
Spirit Seasons: Little Ghost Story1во лице2011 2.5
Spirit Walkers: Curse of the Cypress Witch3то лице2011  3.2
Stacking3то лице2011  5.3
Strange Cases 3: The Secrets of Grey Mist Lake1во лице2011  2.4
Stray Souls Dollhouse Story1во лице2011 6.5
Tales From The Dragon Mountain: The Strix1во лице2011 5.4
Tiny Bang Story, The1во лице2011 5.8
To the Moon3то лице2011  5.4
Uncharted 3: Drakes Deception3то лице2011 6.1
Vampire Saga 2: Welcome to Hell Lock1во лице2011 6.3
Weird Park: Broken Tune1во лице2011 5.4
About to Blow Up1во лице2012  4.4
Adam's Venture 3: Revelations3то лице2012  3.9
Adera1во лице2012 5.7
Alan Wake American Nightmare3то лице2012 5.9
Alt-Minds3то лице2012  4.1
Anna1во лице2012  5.8
Ballads of Reemus: When the Bed Bites, The3то лице2012  4.0
Botanicula3то лице2012  5.8
Captain Morgane3то лице2012  5.5
Carol Reed Mystery: Amber's Blood, A1во лице2012  5.3
Cat Lady, The3то лице2012  4.8
Chaos on Deponia3то лице2012 5.9
Cognition: An Erica Reed Thriller - Episode 1: Hangman3то лице2012  5.5
Coline et le Tresor de la Mouette Noire3то лице2012  3.6
Corrosion: Cold Winter Waiting1во лице2012  5.8
Cosmos Quest IV: The Ayatolian March3то лице2012  4.4
CYPHER: Cyberpunk Text Adventure3то лице2012  5.2
Da New Guys: Day of the Jackass3то лице2012  3.2
Dame In Black Case - Episode 1, The1во лице2012  2.9
Dark Eye: Chains of Satinav, The3то лице2012 4.9
Dark Parables 3: Rise of the Snow Queen1во лице20126.4
Dark Secrets1во лице2012  4.4
Dear Esther1во лице2012 5.4
Deep Sleep1во лице2012  4.3
Deponia3то лице2012 5.9
Doc Apocalypse3то лице2012  4.0
Errand3то лице2012  4.0
Face Noir3то лице20126.0
Five Cores, The1во лице2012  5.6
Full English3то лице2012  4.9
Future City 30003то лице2012  2.8
Gray3то лице2012  5.0
Hoodwink3то лице2012  3.6
Humanoid 471во лице2012  2.4
I Am Alive3то лице2012 5.9
J.U.L.I.A.: Temple of Eternal Flow1во лице2012  4.8
Jack Keane and the Fire Within3то лице2012  4.6
James Peris: No Licence Nor Control3то лице2012  4.5
Kairo1во лице2012  5.6
Killer Escape1во лице2012 3.1
Kveendolnitza3то лице2012  3.5
Lost Chronicles of Zerzura, The3то лице2012 6.1
Louisiana Adventure3то лице2012  4.1
Lucius3то лице2012 5.6
MacGuffin's Curse3то лице2012  3.6
Maestro: Notes of Life1во лице20124.9
Mark T. Ross: A Private in Paris1во лице2012  2.3
Memento Mori 23то лице2012  5.0
Miasmata1во лице2012