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Куест/адвенчър игри за Android
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Автор:  enigma [ 21 Май 2013, 22:09 ]
Заглавие:  Куест/адвенчър игри за Android

Предложете някоя куест/адвенчър игра за роботчето. От известните PC игри намерих:

Amerzone: The Explorer's Legacy
Atlantis 3 - The New World
Broken Sword I Director's Cut
Broken Sword II The Smoking Mirror Remastered
Broken Sword 5: Serpent's Curse
Dracula 1: Resurrection
Dracula 2: The Last Sanctuary
Dracula 4
Dracula 5: The Blood Legacy HD
Dreamcage (Escape from 26)
Flight of the Amazon Queen
Grim fandango: Remastered
Little Big Adventure
Riven:The Sequel to Myst
Secret files: Tunguska
Simon the Sorcerer
Syberia 2
Simon the sorcerer: 20th anniversary edition
Simon the Sorcerer 2
The 7th guest: Remastered. 20th anniversary edition
The Eyes of Ara
The Last Express
The Tiny Bang Story

Случайно налучках и още няколко:

Adventure Beyond Time
Bigfoot Quest
Can you escape: Island
Chronos Salvation
Cryptic Caverns HD
Cryptic Cosmos
Cryptic Escape
Cryptic Keep
Cryptic Kingdoms HD
Curse Breakers-Halloween Horror Mansion
Escape from Darkmoor Manor
Forever Lost-Episode 1 SD
Haunted Escape
Lost & Alone
Mental Hospital III
Missing-An Interactive Thriller
Mystery of the Lost Temples
Mystic Island
Mystic Island II
Nightmare Adventures-The Witch's Prison
Puzzle house: Mystery rising
Rescue the Enchanter
Secret files: Sam Peters
Secret of the Lost Pyramid
The Adventures of Mosaika
The Enchanted Books (The Enchanted Worlds)
The Hunt for the Lost Treasure
The Long Journey
The Lost City
The Lost Fountain
The Lost Ship
The Mystery Of Blackthorn Castle
The Mystery of the Dream Box
The Mystery-Spear of Destiny
The Room Epilogue
The Room Two
The Room Three
The Room 4: Old Sins
The Secret of Grisly Manor
The Silence
XON Episode One
XON Episode Two
XON Episode Three
XON Episode Four
Zombie Invasion-T-Virus

От тях най ми хареса
Само Elansar не можах да пробвам. Сигурно има още доста качествени адвенчъри, но под тоя знаменател "Brain & Puzzle" търсачката на Google Play ги меши с доста детски игри и Hidden Objects.

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